Germ-Free Hands and Surfaces

Life is busy, and we do not always have time sanitizing, but there are so many ways to pick up germs. Keep 96.4% Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitizer Spray close to spray your hands and you will prevent infection and illness by killing germs. 96.4% Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitizer Spray have 96.4% alcohol content and are effective against germs. The Sanitizer dries quickly on skin and keeps you and your family safe from viral infections, bacteria, and germs.

The 96.4% Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitizer is ideal for hands and surfaces for extra protection. Unlike gel applications which are sticky and difficult to apply, the Sanitizing Spray allows for easy sanitization without having to make contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Can Sizes

96.4% Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitiser is an advanced and rapid acting, multi-purpose disinfectant and Sanitiser that are formulated carefully and tested to deliver the product promise and is available in 100ml, 400ml and a 500ml.

Recommended Use

Fast and effective compressed air solution allows for ease of use to reduce bacteria and viruses on the skin. The 96.4% Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitising Spray is a scientifically formulated surface and hand Sanitiser for extra protection. It can be used on the skin, including all surfaces such as shop trolleys, gym equipment, cell-phones, shopping bags, baskets and credit card machines etc.

To use on hands, spray a small quantity from 15cm onto the palm. Rub hands together, ensuring that the Sanitiser goes all over front and back of the hands. A little goes a long way, so this 100ml bottle of hand Sanitiser will last well even with regular daily use. Keep one at home and one in the office. Pop one into the car – it is so handy for cleaning up little spills and sticky hands. 96.4% Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray cleans, sanitises and protects, all in one.

Download the 96.4% Hand & Surface Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet Below