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What do we use for COVID-19 disinfection?

Everyone is talking and wondering about it. Skitterblink wants you to have ease of mind when it comes to our Corona Virus Disinfection Control Services , which is why we decided to share with you one of our flagship products we use for disinfecting potentially infected and infected areas.


Covid-19 new variant what we need to know and FAQ’s.

The new variant of Covid-19 has mutations on its spike protein and appears to be the dominant strain circulating since at least early December. It is reported to be up to 40% to 70% more transmissible than the old strain (in other words it can be more easily spread), but at this stage, it has not been proven to be more dangerous or to cause more severe illness.

How to keep your home clean and safe from Covid-19

How to keep your home clean and safe from COVID-19

There is a lot of attention on COVID-19 cleaning protocols that should be implemented in stores, businesses, offices and public spaces but not a lot of attention on how to keep your home clean and safe with regards to COVID-19.