Disinfection Hygienist Training

Online COVID Safety Plan & Hygiene Training For The Home & Workplace

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (corona-virus), we are all in uncharted waters and new ways of cleaning the home & workplace have to be learned.

The home and workplace contains a diverse population of micro-organisms and can be a reservoir for potential pathogens. If environmental cleaning is not performed correctly, then environmental contamination can contribute to the spread of resistant organisms and infections, therefore the importance of this Disinfection Hygienist Training course.

Who will Benefit from the Course?

All domestic cleaners at individual households

Cleaning staff at schools, creches & day care centres

Cleaners at office buildings, retail stores, and commercial sites

All cleaning supervisors and disinfection supervisory personnel

Training Course Content

Introduction to Covid-19

Social Distancing in South Africa

Hand Hygiene Procedures

Defining Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Sterilizing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Donning & Doffing)

Reducing Viral Loads & Disinfectant Contact Time

South African Disinfectant Requirements

3 Pillars of Professional Disinfection

Environmental Surface Disinfection Procedures

Waste Segregation & Disposal


Training Course sTRUCTURE

The Trainee(s) will have online access to the course content under guidance of their Employer.

‌‌‌ The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) will be electronically available to the Employer.

‌‌‌A Skitterblink Representative will give a short onsite practical teaching to the Trainee(s), when they are ready.

‌‌‌ The Trainee(s) will write a 20-point multichoice evaluation.

‌‌‌‌ ‌ A 70% pass rate will ensure a Disinfection Hygienist Certificate for the Trainee(s).

Training Course OBJECTIVES

Understand Social Distancing and Hygiene

Correct usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Cleaning & Disinfection Procedures

Correct usage of Disinfectant Chemicals

Correct Waste Handling

This course was developed with reference and acknowledgement to:

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