SDIC Antibacterial Tablets 1Kg.

SDIC Tablets are an effective chlorine disinfectant product for all surfaces and environmental disinfection.

Offering chlorine in a single tablet format with excellent cleaning and disinfection performance in one easy step.

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Chloride is recommended for use against Clostridium Diffcile, MRSA and Salmonella, and Viruses, which include the Influenza virus, Hepatitis and HIV. 

Chloride is based on a dry chlorine donor, sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which is blended with effervescent components. The result is a fast-dissolving, highly convenient, safer and more accurate alternative to liquid bleach.


Features & Benefits 

  • Highly effective application in infection control        
  • Provides a cleaning surfactant together with chlorine disinfection        
  • Efficiency is increased and costs reduced        
  • Stable, portable, and packed in tamper-proof packaging        
  • The safe alternative to liquid bleach  
  • Eliminates micro-organisms in 5 minutes
  • A variety of applications.
  • Single-step cleaning and disinfection for Households, Clinics, Dental and Veterinary practices
  • Food preparation areas – utensils & hard surfaces.
  • Disinfection Application: 
    • Cloths & Mops
    • Drains, Toilets & Sinks
    • Food Preparation areas
  • Effective chlorine disinfection in convenient tablet format
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy suitable for a wide variety of applications, including blood spills and sporicidal disinfection
  • SDIC tablet disinfectant is a safer and more effective alternative to hypochlorite liquid bleach.
  • The solution is near to neutral pH, unlike sodium hypochlorite (pH 12.0 – 8.0)
  • Stable for long periods – up to 5 years in some cases.
  • Just add to water and allow it to dissolve. SDIC tablets are cost-effective and easy to use.
  • There is a reduced risk of accident and personal injury with SDIC tablets (no spillage, no leaks).
  • Safe to use in kitchens and where food is prepared or served.

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