SaniSoft – Fabric softener with Antimicrobial Properties

The Leading Silver ion technology For obtaining Hygiene, Protection and Freshness – in everyday life and under extreme conditions. All from the natural element – Silver

Maximum effects with minimum consumption of resources

Man has counted on silver for centuries – not only as a material for jewelry or articles of daily use but above all, because of the bacteriostatic effect of the element silver. In the early modern age, for example, milk was preserved by using silver coins.

Today, silver is used as an effective bacteriostatic agent in the most diverse fields, such as cosmetics or medicine. Ranging from silver-containing gauze to overalls metalized with silver, which are used in neurodermatitis treatments – today, modern medical technologies are unthinkable without silver. For many years IAMA too has intensively engaged in the modern fields of application of silver and has found innovative solutions.

Silver unique technology provides hygienic and fresh effects of the element silver to water-repellent finishes, coatings, or as an after treating agent to many substrates or application processes.


The Leading Silver ion technology For obtaining Hygiene, Protection and Freshness
Maximum effects with minimum consumption of resources
Silver unique technology provides hygienic and fresh effects.

Sani-Soft (Silver Soft) applications

  • Initial textile finish of hotel linen, hospital linen, sports articles, shoes, workwear, tropical clothing bed linen, rental linen l Hygienic and fresh functions in membranes
  • Care products for shoes
  • Post-impregnations (wash-in)
Sani-Soft (Silver Soft) applications

Due to the triple effect mechanism of Sani-Soft (Silver-Soft) many odor-causing bacteria cannot adapt to the effect of silver ions. The antimicrobial effect of the natural element silver is exclusively based on free silver ions. Due to a triple effect mechanism, silver ions with a positive charge have bacteriostatic effects.

Sani-Soft (Silver-Soft) is, therefore, capable of contributing to stopping odor-causing bacteria to thus prevent infections in clinics and hospitals, which are e. g. caused by the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus strain (MRSA), from being transmitted. Sani-Soft (Silver-Soft) may contribute to preventing further infections in hospitals. The advantage of the Sani-Soft (Silver-Soft) technology is that due to their relatively low solubility, silver ions are set free economically from chemical equilibrium. Thus the important antimicrobial active ingredient is used very effectively, and resources are safeguarded.

Effect Mechanism

  1. Blocking oxygen-transporting enzymes
  2. Inactivating sulphur-containing proteins of the odour-causing bacteria
  3. Locking the cell membrane
Effect Mechanism

1.Ecological textile care for the 21st century

Over their entire life span, significant amounts of energy for washing, tumble drying, ironing or mangling textiles are necessary for the household textile care. The consumption of water and detergent is considerable and exceeds many times the quantities necessary for the textiles‘ production. With an increasing world population, we will have reached our limits soon. Integral system optimisation is thus imperative.

Sani-Soft (Sliver Soft) ecology: fresh textiles even at low washing temperatures – less energy consumption and better CO2 balance. Heating water requires a lot of energy. To save energy the trend towards low washing temperatures continues. Today, detergent manufacturers promote washing temperatures of 20° – 40° C. In addition, due to material and colour, many textiles can only be washed at low temperatures. However, bacteria are only effectively removed at washing temperatures of ca. 60° C.

Thus, at low temperatures washing machines are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Instead of cleaning the laundry, the opposite is achieved. This becomes evident, above all, by the musty odour when drying laundry in poorly ventilated laundry rooms or when storing textiles in areas of high humidity. Sometimes even washing machines start diffusing musty odours.

SaniSoft (Silver soft) is the remedy; it confers hygiene and freshness to all textiles, even at low temperatures. The laundry and the washing machine stay clean. With SaniSoft (Silver soft) consumers save energy and money and contribute to environmental protection. In the field of rental linen, these advantages are even more significant as water and energy are saved. Fewer wash cycles increase the life span of textiles, and even the susceptibility to mildew spots can be minimised by the use of SaniSoft (Silver soft).

2. Efficiency: Extraordinary resistance to washing and dry cleaning

Due to its micro-pigmentation Sani Soft (Silver Soft) anchors to all textiles by itself in a resistant to washing and dry cleaning manner without the addition of chemical binder or adhesive systems. Sani Soft (Silver Soft) for example deposits in the yarn interstices and is permanently bonded to the substrate due to strong attractive forces. This procedure is comparable with the deposit of soot particles, which, even after repeated wash cycles, cannot be removed by standard detergents. Thus, depending on the product quantity applied, the structure and composition of the textiles to be finished as well as on washing temperatures and mechanics, the attainable resistance to washing is outstanding.

3. Be on good terms with nature

The use of Sani soft (Silver Soft) has been shown to have no negative effects on the environment. The quantities of silver which Sani Soft (Silver soft) returns to nature (ppb range) correspond to the average natural silver content of natural soil or rocks. Due to sulphide-containing components, the antibacterial silver ions of Sani Soft (Silver Soft) products are bonded within seconds in the wastewater stream to absolutely insoluble silver sulphide (Ag2S) and, thus, are no longer bio-available. The activity of the bacteria of biological purging during sewage treatment, however, is not inhibited

Be on good terms with nature

4. Sani Soft (Silver Soft) safeguards resources

Sani Soft (Silver Soft) does not waste important resources, i.e. the antimicrobial active free silver ions; but only uses them if necessary. Free silver ions dispose of extensive antimicrobial effects. Thus even small Sani Soft (Silver Soft) quantities are sufficient to control odour causing bacteria in all textiles individual wear tests clearly prove this. Unpleasant body odours in textiles are prevented from the onset. In other words: Freshness right from the start.

This is slightly different with suitable lab test methods. In these tests, samples finished with SaniSoft (Silver Soft) are overloaded with bacteria, in contrast, to wear tests. Due to the high economic release of active antimicrobial silver ions, the maximum bacteria reduction can only be determined after a 24 h test time. A too large a quantity of silver ions that are set free too fast would be wasting important resources. 

Sani Soft (Silver Soft) safeguards resources

Comfort finish against perspiration odour

Hygiene, protection and freshness for tomorrow‘s textiles - longer use, less water consumption

Cytotoxicity test shows: Sani Soft (Silver Soft) has no influence on the natural balance of the skin The cytotoxicity test “safety for the skin“ shows that Sani Soft (Silver Soft) has no influence on the natural balance of the skin. Many products with antimicrobial effects migrate from the textile onto the skin to then attack it. Sani Soft (Silver Soft) develops its antimicrobial effects exclusively on the textile. The fresh effect develops in the textile, leaving the skin unaffected and fully functional.

In a field study carried out, assisted by an external dermatologist, it has been found that the natural skin flora is not affected even if the silver-containing antibacterial clothing is permanently worn. The clothing only showed the desired fresh effect, thus controlling bacteria that got into the textile and avoiding unpleasant degradation products caused by perspiration. In other words: Safe fresh effects without negative accessory symptoms!

In the meantime, the fresh effect of silver is widely offered to end-users, e.g. in the form of deodorants, to avoid unpleasant odours and to secure freshness.

How Sani Soft Works

The problem: After only a short period of use T-shirts made of synthetic fibers develop odours. One feels uncomfortable and no longer ready for the rest of the day. This unpleasant, but unfortunately common problem is well known, especially with regard to the use of sneakers, towels, shirts and workwear. The clean and often washed T-shirt starts developing odours after only a short period of use. Although not dirty, it will be washed again. Further 30° – 40 °C wash cycles will not improve this; quite the contrary, constant wash cycles affect the T-shirt and, finally, it will be thrown away.

The reasons: Microorganisms, such as odour-causing bacteria, require certain pre-conditions, such as food, temperature, surfaces that are as large as possible and, above all, moisture. This is why textiles worn next to the skin are especially ideal biospheres for microorganisms. Due to low washing temperatures, odour-causing bacteria in the textile cannot be controlled; therefore, they continue to cause increasingly unpleasant odours in the textile.

The remedies: Sani Soft (silver Soft) is the most intelligent and innovative manner for your textiles to economically and ecologically enter new fresh dimensions. The Sani Soft (Silver Soft) finish protects your textiles from unpleasant body odours, even at low washing temperatures. The need to wash a textile due to unpleasant body odours, will disappear. This also prolongs its life span. This is why Sani Soft is not only economical but has indirect ecological effects during washing/textile care, wearing/using, drying and storing textiles.

How Sani Soft Works

Proof is in the pudding

Lab test methods try to imitate reality, often with only mediocre success, but enormous expenditure. Certain test methods illustrate certain effective principles of the product. The experience made during wearing is the best test method by far to experience the mode of action of Sani Soft. Test it yourself.

The fastest test: the milk test

Necessary equipment:

  1. 2 small glass bottles with lid, pipettes, nonpasteurised milk, and textile (untreated/treated)
  2. Glass bottle 1: with untreated textile
  3. Glass bottle 2: with textile treated with Silver Hygiene and freshness Spray.
  4. Apply 3 – 4 milk drops with a pipette to the textile.
  5. Close glass bottles and store warm for 2 – 3 days.
  6. Open glass bottles.
The milk test
The milk test

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