Social Distancing and Working Remotely

We have gathered a few tips for those who are still working in the field, to ensure the safety of you and your team.
Social Distancing and Working Remotely

In most cities around the world, social distancing has become a government requirement. This is to prevent physical contact with people who may have COVID-19. As the retail industry, medical staff and essential services continue to work, they need to practice health and safety measures to keep themselves and their customers safe.

We have gathered a few tips for those who are still working in the field, to ensure the safety of you and your team.

Proper hygiene and sneezing etiquette is very important. It is always a good idea to give your staff hand sanitizer to keep with them in their vehicles. Staff should regularly wash their hands and or use hand sanitiser throughout the day. To keep hands hygienic they need to be washed with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Cover your nose with a tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing. Tissues should be disposed of immediately into a lined bin or sealable plastic bag.
Workers that have finished on a site, need to clean any surfaces on the site that they were working and wash their hands after the job. After working on sites, workers should take extra precautions when going home to their families, to prevent the spread of the virus.

Workers should remove their work clothes before they enter their homes and keep all tools and work kit outside of the house.
Wash work clothes in hot water.
Wash hands, and have a hot shower.

Personal Protective Equipment
Facemasks, protective coverall suits, and gloves all help reduce the spread of Covid-19. If your work circumstances require you and your staff to work close to other people or inside their homes, wear a mask to protect yourself and your clients. For more information on face masks visit the World Health Organisation website.

Social Distancing
Apply social distancing measures on-site and at the offices. It is recommended to keep a two-meter distance apart from one another and avoid physical contact, like shaking hands. If you have more than one worker on a job, they should work in different allocated spaces and keep their social distance (2m or 6ft). It remains a good idea to rotate your workers during this time.

Working Remotely
We live in an era that has technology that enables us to work remotely from home. Not all businesses can do this and rely on social interactions for income, but those businesses that provide essential services and deliveries need to have a backup plan. Limiting human interactions throughout the workdays and avoiding physical paperwork will keep you and your staff safe. Some businesses have adopted an online system using cloud-based software, which has helped those companies coordinate their staff and jobs remotely. Cloud-based software like Nios4 also enables many employees to work alone from their devices, keeping social distance.

We encourage businesses to take full health and safety measures and take the necessary Covid-19 precautions during this pandemic, especially protecting those who work in the field, and your customers.

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